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Determining the appropriate measures and the associated metrics, then planning and implementing metrics collection and reporting solutions. Helping our current and prospective clients to identify key performance indicators that are consistent with their goals. Developing strategic roadmap framework to enhance digital services/inventories, and increase brand awareness. Establishing strategies to measure UX, behaviors and ad campaign conversions. Designing Digital Analytics solutions. Building custom dashboards, segments, dimensions & measures. Developing custom JavaScript tags.


Reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating business solutions and user needs and write detailed business requirementss document to develop Digital Analytics solution. Analyzing baseline performance, reporting activities via all digital meduims, tracking visitor segments and distribution, gauging the value of campaigns by analyzing the clickthroughs, evaluating the effectiveness of the online branding & determining the depth of exploration and the conversion rate that all help focusing benchmarks and making incremental improvements to yout uer experience. Conducting A/B Tests and Regression Analysis.


Optimizing Digital Analytics environment for the best performance and applying best practices. Examining search keywords for the words that are bringing visitors to your website/mobile app the most and taking action on weak keywords. Determining which "paid" search engines are most effective, and examining the effectiveness of the campaign. Optimizing site performance across online initiatives by providing easy access to products and contents.

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about us

MarTech Subject Matter Experts & Digital Analytics Leaders

iOne Solutions is an Adobe Solutions Bronze-Level Partner and Webtrends Solution Provider Partner. We design, build, integrate and manage Digital Analytics applications for our clients. We specialize in web & mobile analytics, reporting services and search engine optimization. iOne Solutions is a privately held company that its experienced professional consultants possess 18 years of experience designing, developing, implementing and managing Digital Analytics applications and solutions (mainly Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics & Webtrends) for Fortune 500 corporations and academic institutions, including Ameritas Life Insurance, Bank of America, Bayer Healthcare, Chubb Insurance, Ernst&Young, Guardian Life Insurance, Horizon BCBS of NJ, Miele, MorganStanley, Motorola, NJ.COM, NYU Langone Health, Patient Marketing Group, Stevens Institute of Technology and Toys R Us.

executive members of the firm

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Tarek El-Sadek

President & Lead Consultant

MarTech & Digital Analytics Subject Matter Expert and Leader (Web, Mobile & Native Apps) with 18 years of extensive experience in planning, developing, implementing and managing the business and the technical side of the Digital Analytics, Advertising, and Marketing operations and systems. Holds 2 Master’s degrees in Project Management, and Telecommunications Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Served in different positions with different organizations in the banking, financial services, healthcare services, insurance, media/publishing, educational, consumer and manufacturing industries -- from a Tech Manager handling a high-scale enterprise of Digital Analytics and Advertising systems and servers, to Web Consultant digging foundations and building breakthrough Digital Analytics infrastructure and systems. Recognized by Webtrends as a Solution Provider Partner, Certified by Google as a Google Analytics and an AdWords Advertising Professional, Adobe Solutions Bronze Partner and Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager & Target Sales Accredited, and Adobe Certified Analytics Architect Master.

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our services

Plan & Design

  • Digital Analytics Strategy (Web, Mobile & Native Apps)
  • Business Metrics Definitions & Requirements Design
  • Analytics Tool Licensing Assessment
  • Measurement Plan Approach
  • Digital Analytics Solution Design & Optimization
  • Digital Solutions Upgrade and Migration

Implement & Test

  • Digital Analytics Solution Development & Integration
  • Tagging Implementation & Validation
  • Project Management, Implementation, & Test Plans

Report & Use

  • Digital Analysis & Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Definitions & Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting
  • Digital Analytics Training
  • Campaign Tracking & Conversion Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Tag Management Solutions

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